Denman Park Ponds Cleaned Up

Froglife, (the reptile and amphibian conservation charity) has succeeded in obtaining a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant to enable a project to clean up the ponds in Denman Park.

This will improve the habitats for the flora and fauna to be found at the site as well as creating a far more pleasant scene for all of us.

They had sufficient funds to hire a contractor and diggers to dredge out the silted up edges of the three ponds. Overgrown shrubs have been cut back and a few small trees felled.. A “dipping Platform” has been constructed to enable children to sample examples of the wild life to be found in the ponds.

When the dredging was completed, a small group of volunteer litter pickers helped to clear the debris remaining in the ponds. We collected in excess of ten sacks of cans and bottles that had clearly been thrown into the ponds.

Please go and have a look at the cleaned up site.

The facility is there for all of us to enjoy, but please do not toss any litter into the water. It is expensive and very difficult to remove again and can be harmful to the wildlife. You could also consider joining our group of volunteers who once a month litter pick in the area to help keep our environment pleasant.

For more details, contact Raymond Swaffield at 01224740669

Some of the bottles and cans removed from the ponds

pond litter.jpg