Westhill in Bloom: get your entry in by 26th July

Entries for Westhill in Bloom will be accepted until 26th July.

The competition looks to celebrate the glorious gardens of Westhill and Elrick and the skills of those look after them. Trophies and small prizes are on offer for a range of categories.

Judging will take place early August.

The nomination/entry form can be found here: Westhill in Bloom 2019 application form

It is also on page 93 of Westhill Bulletin Sumer issue

Contact:  westhillinbloom@hotmail.com


Westhill Gala 8th June

At the Westhill Gala on Saturday 8th June the Gateway Sculpture project team will be there to explain the sculpture and the journey to it’s unveiling on 11th May.
There will also be a display to mark the 50 years since housebuilding started in Westhill  The display includes old and new maps and photos of Westhill from the 60s and 70s

Bulletin photo

Current Status of WECC

WECC have had some internal difficulties over the last year or so. After several attempts at resolving these on our own, the Garioch Area Office of Aberdeenshire Council has now stepped in to provide support to WECC for a 3-month period (May to July), to allow us to resolve these difficulties while preserving the integrity of the Community Council. During this period of being in a Supported Status, we are operating as a Steering Group and have no statutory responsibilities like commenting on planning applications. Our meetings also cease to be open to the public until the period ends. Nevertheless, our other activities like the Bulletin, involvement in the Westhill Gala, and unveiling the anniversary Sculpture progress as usual. It is a time for us to focus on those things which need to change to make us more effective and to ensure that our operations are fully in line with the Scheme of Establishment. We would ask for everyone’s patience and continued support as we work through these issues.

Litter Pick Treats

Some of our volunteers are getting ready to enjoy some of the treats very generously donated by Greggs in Westhill, to our group of Litter Pickers, after a successful pick today.


While carrying out our Litter Pick this morning, we noticed that some individual has thrown the lifebelt, which is stationed next to the Denman Pond dipping platform, into the centre of the pond. This is an area where children are likely to be enjoying, and this mindless act could result in life threatening consequences. If anyone has any information regarding who has carried out this reckless act, please inform the police.