WECC Meetings Agendas 12th November

Westhill & Elrick Community Council are holding the AGM and the normal meeting after it on Thursday 12th November at 7pm, via Zoom.
Links to the Agendas for both meetings are below.

At the AGM, the Shopping Centre Manager, Ben Horsburgh, will be giving a presentation on the improvement works that have been carried out this year, and outlining plans for further improvements.

We are now allowing members of the public to attend the Zoom meetings so please email the secretary at weccsecretx@gmail.com if you would like to attend. The call details will then be sent.

If you have any suggestions or concerns you wish to have discussed at the normal meeting please  advise weccsecretx@gmail.com by Tuesday 10th November. 

Updated WECC Constitution for approval at AGM on 12th November

WECC will be holding our postponed AGM on Thursday 12th November. It will be via Zoom as we are still not able to hold meetings in the Holiday Inn or local halls.  The agenda for the AGM and the normal  meeting after it will be issued by 8th November.  Please let us know if you  would like to join the call on 12th November by emailing weccsecretx@gmail.com  and we will send you the Zoom details.
The AGM will include approval of an updated WECC Constitution. The proposed new Constitution and the current one from 2018 can be viewed per the links below.
There is nothing radical about the changes. The current Constitution is essentially the model one from the new 2018 Scheme of Establishment that was adopted at the 2018 AGM  and again at the March 2020 AGM of the newly elected WECC members.  
There is a lot of small changes to improve the grammar/english and to remove some inconsistencies between the main Constitution part and the Standing Orders appendix part.  Also where appropriate the term ‘the Community Council’ has been replaced with ‘WECC’ and ‘working days’ has been replaced with ‘calendar days’ (and the number of days adjusted.)    .   The new  document has been approved by the Aberdeenshire Council Garioch Area Office.

Please contact weccsecretx@gmail.com if you have any queries on the proposed Constitution.

Road Safety Torrential Rain and Floods – timely Advise from Grampian Police

As has been seen recently we have had torrential rain and this has caused various roads issues from single vehicle collisions to roads being closed that are flooded.

We would urge the public to follow two strict safety guidelines:-

1)     Do not drive through council road closed signs.  These are red and white and therefore prohibitive and contraventions of this signage can be dealt with by way of formal action and reporting to the Procurator Fiscal.  Only those who need to access a specific property will be afforded a right to head to their home or place of work.  The signs are there to protect motorists.

2)     If you come to a flooded stretch of road do not assume that the water is shallow and drive into it.  Consider finding an alternate route and contact the council or police on phone number 101.  Entering flood water is dangerous ; generally culverts lift and displace so a vehicle wheel may drop into one causing the vehicle to stop progress, dip on that side and invariably start to flood the vehicle.  If persons get marooned in such water, wading out also has its dangers, also stepping into an unseen lifted culvert could cause severe injury

Westhill A2B Dial-a-Bus Service

On Monday 2nd November the Westhill A2B dial-a-bus service will resume, with a Monday to Friday service being operated by a Council minibus.  The service will operate between 0900 hours and 1600 hours with a 45 minute break at lunchtime (1215 to 1300 hours).  Customers wishing to travel must book no later than the day before travel.

Copies of the new Westhill A2B leaflet and A2B Passenger Guide will be sent to regular customers in Westhill, Echt etc and other interested parties. They can be viewed below.

Queries about the new service can be made to A2B on 01467 535 333 or a2bdialabus@aberdeenshire.gov.uk.