This is an update to a post made a week ago.

Westhill residents are being asked to go to either the Inverurie or P&J Live Covid Vaccination Centres. 
A member of the Westhill Resilience Group can take you in their car free of charge if you don’t have your own transport. You don’t have to use public transport or take a taxi

If you phone the transport helpline number in the letter you are likely to be advised what bus service to use, instead of being advised we can take you.

David Ritchie is the local co-ordinator for transport requests. You can phone him direct on 07989 637461. Requests at short notice can be accommodated

❗️ Important – Strategic Framework Business Fund ❗

In order for eligible Aberdeenshire Businesses to receive the TOP-UP PAYMENT, all businesses must apply by Friday 5 February.
If you have already applied, you do not need to reapply for the top-up grant as Aberdeenshire Council will issue it automatically.

Please click on the link to see if your business qualifies:

If any businesses have any business support questions they can email