Planning in the Westhill area falls under the control of Aberdeenshire Council. The decision on whether an application is granted or not would usually be taken by councillors.

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Planning applications are usually posted on a weekly basis and can be found here.

Any member of the public can comment on a planning application submitted for the Aberdeenshire area via Aberdeenshire Council’s website.

There is a closing date for comment on each individual application. You may support or to object to an application. You can also comment in writing to Aberdeenshire Council Planning Department, Gordon House, Inverurie.

Your comment will be read by a planning officer.

Grounds for objection typically include but are not restricted to:

  • Proposal is in an area that is not designated for development or in some way does not comply with Aberdeenshire’s  planning policies.
  • Proposal will overlook, overshadow, or impact significantly on privacy of adjacent property.
  • Shape, size and finish of property is not in keeping with existing surroundings/environment.
  • Proposal will increase road safety risk; congestion and/or parking difficulties.
  • Proposal will overload schools, medical facilities etc.

If more than five valid objections are received the application is normally referred for a decision to a committee of local councillors.

  • The information above is offered in good faith by WECC, which accepts no liability for outcomes. For expert advice you are recommended to contact a local planning specialist or Planning Aid Scotland:

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