Blue Glove Litter

If you use the blue disposable gloves while getting vehicle fuel, could you please ensure that they are disposed of correctly. The bag below demonstrates how many gloves one of our volunteer litter pickers collected in the area surrounding the Tesco Store, in one session, a few days ago.

Further Changes to Bus Timetable

Changes to bus services from Monday 30 March

 Update from Stagecoach Bluebird on changes to timetables

  • Any comments on the revised timetables encouraged through
  • Stagecoach continue to help tackle challenging situation
  • Safety and well-being of customers and bus employees  remains top priority

    Stagecoach Bluebird has provided an update on further changes being made to its timetables in response to government advice on avoiding non-essential travel.

    Further revised timetables will be in place from Monday 30th March and are now available at  These temporary timetables ensure that critical routes are maintained and will operate across the region until further notice.

    Following an analysis of the demand for bus services in the area at this time, the frequency of most services will be reduced but will still cater for essential shopping trips to be made. Feedback received since Monday 23rd March has been used to develop the reduced timetables and will better cater for shift patterns of key workers who still rely on the bus to commute to work.

Peter Knight, managing director for Stagecoach Bluebird said: “We continue to play a crucial role in ensuring that key workers, such as NHS staff and the people vital to the food supply chain, can get into work.

“We have worked hard with our temporary timetables to ensure that we are continuing to serve critical routes. If our customers feel we haven’t got things quite right, then we’d really like to receive any comments through our dedicated feedback form which can be found at

“I’m extremely proud of the way in way our team across Aberdeenshire and Moray is pulling together to ensure that we can continue to deliver our services.  They are key workers too and I would like to thank them for their continued support and resilience in these challenging times.”

In addition to enhanced cleaning regimes, Stagecoach has taken extensive action to protect the safety of its customers and staff with a number of additional measures in place. Contactless payments are being encouraged wherever possible and social distancing guidelines are being displayed on buses.

Customers can stay up to date with all the latest news from Stagecoach on Twitter @StagecoachBBird or by signing up to their email mailing list. Full details are available at

Westhill Kingswells Guide from 30 March

Changes to Bus Services

Please see below a release from Stagecoach Bluebird regarding changes to bus services in Aberdeenshire and Moray from Monday 23rd March 2020.

Timetables are all available to at :-


  • Measures reflect reduced travel and keeping key workers communities connected
  • Temporary reduced service to operate from Monday 23rd March
  • Changes follow new government advice on social contact + non-essential travel
  • Stagecoach support for national effort to help tackle challenging situation
  • Safety and well-being of customers and bus employees  remains top priority
  • Full details of new timetables available online at stagecoachbus.comTemporary changes to bus services in Aberdeenshire and Moray are being introduced by Stagecoach from Monday 23rd March following new government advice around social contact and non-essential travel to help combat the coronavirus.
     A reduced timetable will operate across the region until further notice. The timetables have been carefully created to ensure that critical routes are maintained wherever possible.

    The majority of bus services in Aberdeenshire and Moray will operate to a Sunday timetable with additional journeys in the mornings to allow those continuing to commute by bus to work can do so, 7 days a week. Discounted bus travel continues to be available for NHS staff commuting with Aberdeen zone 2 (zone 2 covers services in the city centre and to Balmedie, Westhill and Portlethen). The discounted 7-day bus ticket is available to purchase direct from any Stagecoach bus driver.
    The reduction in service follows extensive action by bus operators to enhance cleaning regimes and protect the safety and well-being of customers and employees.

Peter Knight, Managing Director for Stagecoach Bluebird said: “Along with other bus operators and key sectors, we are working hard to support the national effort to tackle the current challenging situation.

“The safety of our customers and our employees is at the heart of everything we do and the vast majority of the workforce cannot work from home. We also know that our bus services play a vital role in keeping the country running and ensuring key sector personnel get to work.

“Following the latest government advice, we have reviewed our timetables and made temporary changes which reflect the reduced level of travel. Our objective has been to focus resources on where we know they are needed most at this time.

“We are working hard to best maintain essential services, safeguard jobs and ensure the long-term sustainability of a sector which is central to our economy and communities.

“I want to reassure all members of the community that Stagecoach Bluebird remains closely engaged with a number of local and national stakeholders to ensure that our services meet the needs of the communities that we proudly serve, in what is a dynamic situation.”

Since the impact of the coronavirus in the UK, Stagecoach has implemented additional hygiene measures to protect passengers, frontline bus workers and office-based staff.

In addition to well-established and rigorous cleaning regimes, there has been more frequent cleaning of main customer touch-points on buses, such as hand poles and grab rails.
Travel shops in Aberdeen, Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Elgin and Inverness will also close until further notice.
Customers can stay up to date with all the latest news from Stagecoach on Twitter @StagecoachBBird or by signing up to their email mailing list, full details are available at

Litter Pick Cancelled

The Litter Pick planned for Saturday (21st March) has had to be cancelled due to the risk from the COVID virus. The future dates for litter picks as advertised in the Bulletin will also need to be cancelled until the crisis is over.

WECC Nominations and Personal Statements

The following lists the candidates and their personal statements for membership of the Westhill and Elrick Community Council. There is a  maximum of 17 members permitted on this Community Council. This means that a ballot will take place on Thursday 27th February in the Ashdale Hall, Westhill between 12pm and 8pm. Anyone over the age of 16 and on the voters role for this area can vote. You can vote for between 1 and 17 of the candidates.

Name Personal Statement
David Milne Ritchie I have been a member of the Residents Association/Community Council for around 25 years. My main roles have been: Editor of Westhill Bulletin community magazine since 2007, Treasurer since 2008, Secretary since March 2017, organiser of Festive street lights and Christmas tree since 2008. I am now retired and keen to continue serving the community and help to keep Westhill a great place to live.
Daniel John Hay I have lived in Westhill all my life and enjoy taking part in Community activities. I have previously served on the Community Council and I was part of many projects during my time.
Alan John McCue I was born and raised locally after my parents moved to Westhill in 1972. I am a successful product of our local education system (both Elrick Primary School and Westhill Academy) and now work as a lecturer of Chemistry at the University of Aberdeen. I enjoy being an active part of our community and have been involved in sports coaching and more recently in the revival of Westhill Golf Club where I am currently Vice-Captain. I feel a strong attachment to the local area and would enjoy the chance to help shape the community going forwards.
Donald Andrew Davidson Having a young family and a genuine passion for this Community, I value the importance of living in a Community that is safe and enjoyable. I love Westhill and believe it’s important for the younger generation to get involved with the community. It’s imperative WECC properly represents the diversity of the people who live here. It makes sense to have someone on council who can learn from older generations while being connected to current needs of this community’s young people. I understand how a team works and WECC is just that, a team, needing diverse leaders to represent this community.
Heather Cook I have lived in Westhill for 29 years; worked and volunteered in   Westhill for over 20 years.   Currently Volunteer with Westhill Senior Citizens Group (for the past 4 years) – which we run every fortnight and usually around 36 people attend. Have always tried to attend Community Council meetings regularly and helped out on an adhoc basis if anything needs to be done. I would like to represent the Older residents in our Community and ensure that they have a voice.
Raymond Swaffield I retired from a career in Science more than a decade ago and have spent most of that time as a member of WECC. My main involvement has been in Litter, the Environment, Transport and Planning. My experience would contribute to the successful working of a new WECC. I have lived in Westhill for forty-seven years, seeing it grow, and want to ensure that future developments are appropriate and of benefit to residents
Diane Mary Priestley Prior to becoming a community councillor at Westhill and Elrick Community Council (WECC) I was a Senior Training and Development Officer at Aberdeen City Council and have found the experience of representing the community on local issues a privilege. My task at WECC has involved evaluating local planning issues and collating information for the 2019 Main Issues Report which has been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council prior to the Local Development Plan being produced in 2021. An issue that residents have repeatedly raised is the possibility of establishing allotments in the area. I would like to follow this up if elected.
Kenneth Stewart As a previous member of WECC I have been involved in many community events, working individually and part of a team to positively move forward. Examples of these include: The Environmental Group who monitor the ponds and Denman Park. Re-establishing the Arnhall Moss Group, monthly litter picks and dog fouling campaign. I have also enjoyed being involved in Westhill’s 50th Art Sculpture, the Christmas Tree, Christmas Street Lights and Community Carol Event and distribution of the Westhill Bulletin. I would be honoured to be given the opportunity to represent the community again.
Mandy Duggan I have lived in Westhill for over 15 years and have raised a family here. Being a member of the Community Council would give me the opportunity to continue to contribute to the community I live in. Previous commitments have been Chair of Westhill Primary Parent Council, a CAB counsellor, member of Westhill Academy Parent Council, a swimming coach, and a School amd Brownies helper. My field of work is in HR management – where I have over 30 years’ experience. I have a desire to help people, and am a good listening with a caring and compassionate approach.
Alan Sidney Eastell Retired.
Kathleen Anne Lumsden I have lived in Westhill for 38 years and I am a previous member of WECC. I have a special interest in Art and have led the Westhill Art Project which has included ‘The Scarecrow Trail’ and decorating the Shopping Centre which local children’s art at Easter and Christmas. Laterly I was the team leader of the Gateway Project which resulted in the sculpture erected at the entrance to Westhill.
Rebecca Jane Ferguson Having spent all my life in Westhill and now raising our own family here, I am passionate to see our hometown fufil it’s full potential. Whilst we already have lots of brilliant amenities to be thankful for on our doorstep, there is always room for improvement. Community Councils are an important voice in planning and development, alongside running many projects for the benefit of the community. Having previously been involved with WECC for 7 years, including the recent Gateway Art Project, I’d be delighted to be involved in restablishing a vital asset for our community and all within it.
Chikodili Edeh My vision is to see a community council that is more representative, has greater resilience, and is more responsive to the community it serves. I am offering to serve because I believe there is so much that can be achieved when a group of people work together. I care about such issues as the environment, developmental projects, and mental health (especially of the youth). I am passionate to see a greater youth involvement in WECC; injecting their freshness and creativity. If these goals appeal to you, then consider voting for me so we can take WECC forward together. Thank you
Malcolm Andrew Murray Collie Born and bred in the North East of Scotland, the Westhill and Elrick area has been my home for the majority of my life. I have a backgroud of business ownership in Retail, in the Forestry industry, and in the Environmental Science and Education Sector. I understand the vital role the Community Council plays in representing the people of Westhill and Elrick and promoting the identity and well-being of the community and have a wish to offer my time to help in ensuring we have viable and diverse team that can deliver this.
Hugh William Munro In the past, I have been involved with Westhill Round Table, the Gala, Westhill Primary School PTA and school board. I have recently retired from Aberdeenshire Council and have a sound knowledge of how council, other public and 3rd sector services operate. My role also provided support to community councils and other community organisations. With a bit more spare time available now, I would like to use this experience as a member of Westhill and Elrick Community Council and do something positive in the community which has been my home for over 30 years.
Mervyn Barr I believe that a strong, representative, and effective C.C is vital to the interests of the residential and business communites of Westhill. Development and planning issues are a particular concern of mine, given their ability to impact positively and negatively on community interests, including on the identity of the town itself. I’ve lived in Westhill for 30+ years and improvement, preservation and maintenance of community services and amentities are another priority of mine, along with reducing negative environmental impacts. Also I have previously served as a Member of WECC for approximately 3 years, including approximately 18 months as Chairperson.
Alexander Gordon Stuart Prentice My family has been part of the Westhill community for over 25 years. Being recently retired I am much more active and engaged in our community than perhaps I once was, mostly in outdoor pursuits, and much more aware of some of the infrastructure issues that affect us all.

My local network has increased significantly over the last few years and using the experience gained in the last third of my working life as Finance Director in consultative and advisory bodies, as well as voluntary organisations, will do my best to represent all parts of the community if elected

Hilary Lynn Benson I have lived in Westhill since 1988. My son attended both primary and secondary school here. I worked for Aberdeen City Council for 23 years in Health and Social Care managing a variety of staff.
I have always had a keen interest in local issues affecting the Community here in Westhill and have seen many changes over the years, some good and some not so good. Westhill continues to grow and develop as a community, but I believe we need to ensure that facilities and access to good resources continue to be at the centre of decision making