Litter Pick On Saturday

Please join us at the Westhill Tennis Court Car Park at 10:00 ( 18th May) to litter Pick for only one hour. We supply all the kit you need and everyone is welcome. We are always looking for more help so please give it a try.

Litter Pick Treats

Some of our volunteers are getting ready to enjoy some of the treats very generously donated by Greggs in Westhill, to our group of Litter Pickers, after a successful pick today.


While carrying out our Litter Pick this morning, we noticed that some individual has thrown the lifebelt, which is stationed next to the Denman Pond dipping platform, into the centre of the pond. This is an area where children are likely to be enjoying, and this mindless act could result in life threatening consequences. If anyone has any information regarding who has carried out this reckless act, please inform the police.


Westhill Litter Pick on Saturday

Please join us on our Litter Pick on Saturday 16th June. All ages are welcome to help us keep the Westhill area tidy. We provide all you need and are always looking for new volunteers.

We start at the Westhill Tennis Court Car Park at 10:00 and pick for only one hour.

For more information contact Raymond Swaffield         tel 01224 740669    or email