Flocks of people congregated at the Gatehouse today as the Aberdeen & Stonehaven Yacht Club held their Open Day on the Loch of Skene. Exhilarated, children and adults of all ages paraded the banks of the lake adorned in bouyancy aids and wetsuits queuing for trip on a rescue boat or an unforgettable sailing experience.

The Loch of Skene is a hidden gem right on our doorstep, and as the sleet began to relent and the waters glinted in the sunlight it was immediately apparent why sailing is a sport loved by many. Be it the attraction of feeling the wind rush against your face or the gentle motions of the boat as it glides across the water, sailing isn’t just a sport – it’s a lifestyle. WP_20150425_15_18_16_Pro

Aberdeen & Stonehaven Yacht Club was formed in 1969, from the merger of two previous sailing clubs, and has around one hundred and eighty members. The sailing community is a vibrant one with an avid social aspect and membership costs £150 per year (plus a one-off fee of £55).

Why not take up sailing this summer? Get active and join the ASYC!

Article by Kieran Thomas Rorie for Westhill and Elrick Community Council.