A944 Active Travel Route Consultation

Nestrans has been looking at options for a new walking and cycling route on the A944 between Westhill and Kingswells. They have now launched a survey on the options. 
The survey is open till 11th June.

WECC have arranged a presentation from the consultant about it on Thursday 20th May from 7pm to 8pm, via Zoom.   Members of the public can join the Zoom call. Email weccsecretx@gmail.com if you would like to attend.

Changes to X17 Bus Service

From 19th April 2021,Service X17 connecting Aberdeen city with Prime4 Business Park, Kingswells P&R and Westhill will be replaced with services 4, 5 and 6. This change formed part of the public consultation held by Stagecoach in February 2020, but the introduction of the revised service was postponed due to the impact of the pandemic. Customers across the route will benefit from direct access to the city as well as journeys up to every 10 minutes from Kingswells P&R.

Download Westhill and Kingswells Guide  from Monday 19th April