WECC Meetings on 9th June

Westhill & Elrick Community Council are holding the AGM and the normal meeting after it on Thursday 9th June at 7pm, at the Holiday Inn and via Zoom.
Links to the Agendas for both meetings are below.

At the AGM there will be a short presentation from the local Citizens Advice Bureau

If any members of the public would like to attend please email the secretary at weccsecretx@gmail.com

If you have any suggestions or concerns you wish to have discussed at the normal meeting please  advise weccsecretx@gmail.com by Tuesday 7th June

Westhill and Elrick Community Action Plan

Westhill and Elrick Community Council are looking for Westhill/Elrick residents of all ages to participate in becoming part of a steering group to enable the community to identify projects, services and other initiatives that are important to them. These priorities will then be reflected in the Community Action Plan.

The process will involve:

  • designing a questionnaire to be circulated to all Westhill and Elrick residents
  • community engagement with the different community groups
  • focus groups
  • social media
  • analysing the responses
  • developing an action plan based on the most important local issues

If you are interested in volunteering to be part of this steering group or have any questions about Community Action Planning please e mail: planningwecc@gmail.com