Carnie Woods – call for volunteers to help with increasing the survival rate of newly planted saplings

Weeds steal nutrients and water from the soil around newly planted saplings. Over 6,000 saplings were planted at Carnie Woods a few months ago, and some are facing strong competition, particularly from couch grass, a shallow rooted, but notoriously tough weed to eradicate.

The Community Council organised three short weeding sessions over the last week with support from a number of volunteers, but we can always do with more. Two more sessions are planned in the next few days, one on this coming Saturday, 27th at 2.15, and the other on Wednesday, 31st at 10am. The sessions will run for around an hour and a half, or as long as you like, starting from Carnie Crescent car park entrance [beside the fenced football pitch].

If you would like to join us, please bring a tyned hoe – something like this one,   although a long handled version would save a lot of bending/kneeling. Please also bring gloves, water and a sense of humour. Thank you