Allocation of new housing at Elrick  by Hillcrest Homes

As Chair of WECC I recently wrote to Hillcrest Homes, builders of the new homes at Elrick, about rumours circulating that ex-prisoners are to be allocated these houses. Please see correspondence below.

To Hillcrest Homes – 18th April

Hi, I am chair of Westhill and Elrick Community Council. There are some new apartments being built in Elrick and there is a rumour going round that these houses will be used to accommodate ex-prisoners. We believe that this is simply a baseless rumour, but public opinion in Westhill and Elrick at the moment is quite exercised by this rumour. Can you clarify your policy in this area please?

Thank you.

Mervyn Barr. Chair of Westhill and Eric community council.

Dear Mr Barr – 18th April

Your query has been forwarded to me for response.

I can reassure you that our Hillcrest development in Westhill is for social housing and tenants moving into these properties will be allocated from the Aberdeenshire Council housing waiting lists. The allocations of properties are based on housing need only and not targeted at specific groups. 

I hope this clarifies the situation.

Kind regards,

Claire Pickthall
Head of Housing and Enterprises
Hillcrest Homes
1 Explorer Road
Dundee DD2 1EG