Road Safety Torrential Rain and Floods – timely Advise from Grampian Police

As has been seen recently we have had torrential rain and this has caused various roads issues from single vehicle collisions to roads being closed that are flooded.

We would urge the public to follow two strict safety guidelines:-

1)     Do not drive through council road closed signs.  These are red and white and therefore prohibitive and contraventions of this signage can be dealt with by way of formal action and reporting to the Procurator Fiscal.  Only those who need to access a specific property will be afforded a right to head to their home or place of work.  The signs are there to protect motorists.

2)     If you come to a flooded stretch of road do not assume that the water is shallow and drive into it.  Consider finding an alternate route and contact the council or police on phone number 101.  Entering flood water is dangerous ; generally culverts lift and displace so a vehicle wheel may drop into one causing the vehicle to stop progress, dip on that side and invariably start to flood the vehicle.  If persons get marooned in such water, wading out also has its dangers, also stepping into an unseen lifted culvert could cause severe injury