Nestrans – Regional Transport Strategy 2040 out now for public consultation

The Nestrans draft Regional Transport Strategy 2040 has been published and is open for public consultation till 20th October. See Nestrans 2040 – At A Glance – Draft for Consultation (1)

Over the past year, Nestrans has been working in partnership with stakeholders, partners and the public to develop the next Regional Transport Strategy. The plan, known as Nestrans 2040, will shape transport policies and actions for the next 20 years.

Due to the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 we will be doing things differently and instead of face to face meetings there will be a focus on virtual engagement.  To assist with this we have established a Virtual Exhibition which will help to guide you through the draft strategy and its supporting documents as well as allow you to ask questions and submit feedback.  The virtual exhibition can be accessed through our consultation website