Westhill and Elrick Community Council Covid 19 Grant Scheme

Westhill and Elrick Community Council (WECC) has established a small grant scheme to assist community organisations that have been providing support to the Westhill and Elrick community but have incurred unplanned and potentially unsustainable expenditure in providing support to individuals and the community as a whole during the Covid19 crisis.

To be eligible a ‘group’ must be:

  1. Based and/or operating in the distribution area of the Westhill Bulletin magazine
  2. Undertaking work beyond the normal scope or scale in order to assist individuals and the community as a whole to deal with Covid-19 within the area.
  3. Unlikely to be able to recoup additional costs and, as a result, foresee financial challenges in resuming normal activities in due course.
  4. A community group or social enterprise, but not a profit making business.
  5. Not eligible to apply to the Aberdeenshire Council Community Resilience Fund or got a grant but still require further assistance.

WECC has set aside a sum of £5000 with a maximum grant award of £1000.

If a group operates more widely than the area then a grant may be proportioned commensurately.

Applications should be made by email to treasurerwecc@gmail.com and must be brief but provide evidence to satisfy the 5 points above. If operating more widely than the area, applicants should provide information on the proportion of activity within the area. WECC will endeavour to process the applications as quickly as possible after they are received