Westhill Strategic Needs Assessment (SNA)

The Westhill Strategic Needs Assessment (SNA)  is the first one in Aberdeenshire to be developed and formally adopted and is the pilot project leading the way for another 16 SNA’s to be developed in the shire. The SNA’s geography is based on the 17 children service networks, so each place that has an academy in Aberdeenshire will have an SNA by the end of 2022 .

The Westhill SNA is now in the public domain, and will be used as an evidence base to develop an action plan for the Westhill Community Place Plan, through which  Aberdeenshire  Council services, community planning partners and the local community will work collaboratively to target their resources more effectively and efficiently.

The action plan is being developed through Aberdeenshire Council , who are hoping to have a draft plan in place over the coming months, and this will be shared within the Westhill community for comment and feedback.

An electronic copy of the SNA has been posted on the Community Planning website and can be accessed through this link: https://www.ouraberdeenshire.org.uk/your-area/garioch/.