Gardening works in Public Areas controlled by the Council

Message from Aberdeenshire Council Covid 19 Communication team

Community Groups
It has been brought to our attention that some community groups are continuing to undertake some gardening works in public areas controlled by the council, attending to flower beds, planters and hanging baskets etc.
Whilst we appreciate your commitment to your own community in undertaking various tasks during this difficult time, we do however ask that you do not undertake any gardening/landscape tasks at present in council parks, open spaces and other publicly accessible areas.  
We all have a duty to follow the Government’s guidance regarding the Covid-19 restrictions, particularly on social distancing and the message to ‘stay at home’.  As a Council this means we can only undertake critical works at present e.g. health and social care, waste collection and burial services.  It is for this reason we are unable to attend to flowerbeds, grass cutting (burial areas excluded) and general maintenance of public spaces during the lockdown.
We will have the enormous task of recovering from lockdown, once restrictions are lifted sufficiently to allow us to once again undertake our works in a safe manner.  This will have to be done in a prioritised and phased manner and it is then, at that point, that we may encourage and welcome community participation.
If you still wish to contribute to your community by assisting in some way when the restrictions have been lifted, then please do get in touch by calling our Landscape Team on 03456 08 12 05.