Westhill & Elrick Community Council – Election results

Following a ballot of residents in the Westhill and Elrick Community Council area on 27th February, the following candidates were elected to the Community Council:-

Mervyn Barr
Hilary Lynn Benson
Malcolm Andrew Murray Collie
Heather Cook
Donald Andrew Davidson
Mandy Duggan
Chikodili Edeh
Rebecca Jane Ferguson
Daniel John Hay
Kathleen Anne Lumsden
Alan John McCue
Hugh William Munro
Alexander Gordon Stuart Prentice
Diane Mary Priestley
David Milne Ritchie
Kenneth Stewart
Raymond Swaffield

The community council’s AGM will take place on Thursday, 12th March at 7pm in the Holiday Inn, Westhill.

For any further information, please email Alison Cumming, alison.cumming@aberdeenshire.gov.uk or call 01467 530796

Returning Officer Margaret-Jane Cardno, Garioch Area Manager, 01467 533458