WECC to address stadium hearing


It has been confirmed that Westhill and Elrick Community Council will address the Pre Determination Hearing for the proposed Aberdeen Football Club stadium at Kingsford, near Westhill.

Consultees are being allocated 10 minutes to address Aberdeen City councillors, who will rule on the plan because it lies within the City boundary. There will also be 10 minutes for councillors to ask you questions if they have any.

WECC is opposed to the plan because of parking concerns and other issues.

The hearing is scheduled to take place at the Town House, Broad Street, at 9.30am on Wednesday, September 13. Members of the public can observe proceedings from the public gallery.

The process is designed to provide an enhanced scrutiny measure for applications which do not comply with the Local Development Plan.

At the hearing the applicant will present the proposals and objectors and supporters will have have a chance to state their case.

The application will not be determined on the day but will go to Full Council at a later date. The Head of Planning and Sustainable Development will prepare a report about the Hearing for consideration then.

For more about the plan and WECC’s representation, click here.