AFC Stadium

Aberdeen Football Club (AFC) has submitted a planning application for a new stadium at Kingsford, near Westhil.

The site is just north of the A944 Aberdeen-Westhill road and close to the bypass. It falls within Aberdeen City Council’s boundaries.

As well as a 20-000-seater stadium, the plans include proposed community and sports facilities.

For details of the application, click here.

For details of WECC’s formal representation to Aberdeen City Council on the plan, click response.

There was supplementary information provided in summer 2017, to which WECC responded in July 2017 WECC Response to supplementary info – July 2017 – including previous comment

There was further supplementary information provided in November  2017, to which WECC responded WECC December 2017 Comment to ACC

Prior to submitting the December response WECC had a meeting re Code of Conduct WECC Code of Conduct MoM 28 November 2017 and a meeting to discuss the supplementary information WECC Kingsford MoM 30 November 2017.
WECC also had a public meeting on 11th December WECC Special Public Meeting MOM 11 December 2017


What happens next?

A Pre-Determination Hearing was held on Wednesday, September 13, at Aberdeen City Council Chamber, the Town House, Broad Street. This was chance for supporters and objectors to air their views before councillors.

The council’s planning team will put together a report on the application, weighing the pros and cons against policy, and can be expected to make a recommendation to either grant or refuse.

The report will be considered by Full Council, who will decide whether to grant or refuse the plan. Note: councillors do not have to follow the advice of officers.

Typically, the planners’ report will be published on the city council’s website a week before councillors meet to determine an application.