Police issue speeding survey results — and renewed safety warning


Police Scotland today warned speeders to “slow down” after building up a picture of driving behaviour in Westhill and Elrick.

A speed survey has been carried out at six locations with a 30 mph limit, where residents have voiced concerns either directly to Police Scotland or via local councillors.

PC Steve Middleton, the area’s community officer, said: “Police Scotland is committed to the safety of the public of Westhill and Elrick and where an issue has been detected by the camera, we later attend with a speed gun so motorists can see our hi-visibility proactive policing.

“We plan to continue to locate the speed survey sign where residents perceive there to be a problem and attend with the speed gun until hopefully commuters and other drivers get the message that Westhill and Elrick are thriving communities with young families, and speeding will not be tolerated. When in town – SLOW DOWN!”

The results are shown here. (The 85th percentile figure is the speed at which 85% of traffic — 17 out of 20 vehicles — was travelling at or below.)

  • September-October 2015, Mason Lodge entering on A944 from the West, 8303 vehicles, average speed 37mph, 85th percentile 40.2 mph.

  • November 2015, Westhill Drive at Blacklaws Brae, 19898 vehicles, average speed 26.6 mph, 85th percentile 30.2mph.

  • June 2016, Between Broadshade and Broadykes roundabouts, 3496 vehicles, average speed 29.9 mph, 85th percentile 34.4 mph.

  • July-August 2016, Broadiach Road heading east, 4348 vehicles, average speed 30.9 mph, 85th percentile 36.6 mph.

  • August 2016, Mason Lodge entering on A944 from the West, 21207 vehicles, average speed 33.2 mph, 85th percentile 40.7 mph.

  • June 2017, Westhill Drive opposite Souter Circle, 14623 vehicles, average speed 28.3 mph, 85th percentile 33.5 mph.

The sign was also located as a deterrent in a 20mph zone following a complaint from a resident on Broadshade Avenue.