IT seems to spear through the gloom, like the prow of some great ship about to dock.

But this is in fact very much an image of the land — the first semblance of a new flyover on the Westhill-Aberdeen A944 road.

Construction work continues apace on the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, which will cross the A944 just west of the Five Mile Garage.

This picture (looking south) was taken on November 3, just after 7am, when fog enshrouded the road. The “mast” in the background is a giant crane, used to lift the concrete sections into place.

Out of shot, immediately to the west, is a bridge spanning the A944. A temporary structure, it allows works traffic and personnel to freely cross the dual carriageway during construction.

A word of caution — site traffic flow is now busy, with vehicles regularly entering and exiting a car park on the north side of the A944. Drivers and cyclists should take extra care when approaching and passing.

The bypass — which will connect with the A90 at Stonehaven and Charleston to the south of Aberdeen, and with Blackdog to the north — is due to be completed by the end of 2017.

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