Westhill footpaths: £58,650 spend detailed

Today we publish details of Aberdeenshire Council’s planned footpath maintenance spend for 2017/18.

The footway budget for the entire Garioch Area is £138,000. A total of £58,650 (42.5%) is assigned to Westhill.

The Council explained that a dedicated team Roads Inspectors regularly examine the public roads and footways, and that these statutory inspections are supplemented by further evaluations on an ‘ad hoc’ basis in order to respond to any specific complaints or enquiries that are received from the public or elected representatives.

Every 3rd summer, a comprehensive inspection is carried out of all the public footways during that particular summer, from which condition reports are documented.

The Council said it was “therefore confident that a thorough and reliable framework is in place to identify the condition of footways and to carry out maintenance planning”.

It added: “In order provide value for money, the Council makes as much use as possible of localised patching repairs and relatively low cost slurry sealing treatments to preserve existing surfaces from further deterioration.

“Future footway maintenance prioritisation throughout the Garioch Area will continue to be determined on the basis of assessed condition and technical merit.”

The 2017/18 list: