Symbol mystery finally solved…

You may have seen it — a white question mark next to the Tesco roundabout in Westhill.

The wooden structure marks a spot earmarked for a piece of public art to celebrate the town’s 50th birthday (in 2018).

The question is what kind of piece of public art should eventually occupy this space?

Westhill and Elrick Community Council (WECC) is looking to residents to help answer that question after members put the mystery symbol in place (see pic below).


We intend to carry out a public consultation in due course on the themes to be incorporated into the final art piece and how they might represent the heritage and current status of the town.

Meantime, we hope our temporary installation will inspire ideas and conversation!

Preliminary discussions about using this site have taken place between WECC and Aberdeenshire Council officers, who have been supportive to date

The chosen piece would be of significant size but proportionate to its site. To pay for the design and construction, WECC is hoping to secure grants reserved for public art .

This artwork is intended to symbolize the transition of Westhill’s community from a small predominantly agricultural one, to a substantial and thriving one firmly related to international oil and gas services.

It should reflect the confidence in the future of Westhill.

If sufficient funding can be found, a brief will be drawn up and an artist appointed. Aberdeenshire Council’s Garioch Area Committee recently agreed to award £10,000 towards the project.

Please feel free to share any early thoughts and comments by emailing We also have a dedicated Art Gateway Project page here.

Photography: Fara West