Dog poo campaign stepped up

WECC have launched a campaign to urge dog owners and walkers to remove their dog’s poo by “bagging and binning” it.

The campaign is running with support from local schoolchildren who have drawn posters that will be converted to signs alongside school playing fields and approach paths.

Apart from being a smelly nuisance when it gets on shoes, dog poo can cause serious illness, blindness or even death. Young children are particularly at risk when playing on contaminated grassy areas such as school playing fields or approach paths.

Flyers outlining health hazards and what you can do to help have been distributed to every home in Westhill. Even if you don’t have a dog you can challenge anyone you see acting irresponsibly by encouraging them in a friendly manner to clean up after their pet.

The campaign is linked to Aberdeenshire Council’s Green Dog Walker programme, which you can sign up to at Westhill  Library or Town & Country Vets in the town centre.

For more information on why WECC is asking you to help stamp out the problem, see below:

DogFouling 1.