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A PUBLIC meeting on the proposed rezoning of primary schools in the Westhill area will take place in September.

Aberdeenshire Council officers have drawn up plans for Westhill, Elrick, Crombie and Skene primaries in response to new housing and roll changes in recent years.

The options include retaining the existing catchment areas or making small tweaks.

However, officers favour redrawing of all four zones to provide “the best possible educational experience for all of the pupils in its schools”.

A review document said: “Whilst there is currently capacity across the whole network, it is no longer in the right place.

“The purpose of the rezoning exercise is to change the catchment areas of the four primary schools in the network so that current and future pupils can be educated in suitable school buildings with sufficient space.”

If approved, the zones would come into effect in August, 2016, and would apply only to new-starts. Brothers and sisters of children already enrolled at a school would still be able to join them there.

A public meeting is scheduled for Crombie School on Thursday, September 10, at 7pm when Aberdeenshire Council officers will be hand to explain the reasons behind the proposals and the range of options.

There will be a chance to ask questions and feedback will be collected ahead of the statutory consultation — which started on August 14 — ending on October 9.

A report is expected to go the Garioch Area Committee in January and then to the Education, Learning and Leisure Committee for a decision.

To read the review, click here.