WESTHILL has been hailed a top spot to live and work – with eateries coming in for particular praise. Shortcomings were also flagged up in the survey by Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce. 

However, overall residents and employees said the town own offered a taste of the good life. More than half (56%) of locals ranked Westhill a “good” place to be and 36% “excellent”.

Among workers, the figures were 51% and 19% respectively.

Residents typically perceived the town as “friendly” and “safe” while the watch-words for workers were “busy” and “expanding”.

Both groups said the range of restaurants and take-aways was especially “satisfying”. Mobile phone reception was the biggest bugbear for residents and roads infrastructure for workers.

Concerns were raised about transport and communications networks.

Westhill & Elrick Community Council chairman Mervyn Barr welcomed the feedback — both good and bad.

He said: “I’m delighted to say that the results of this survey portray a very positive picture of Westhill, with the town being rated highly both as a place to work and live.

“There is also a consensus on areas for improvement in the town, for example on roads and mobile phone signals.

“There is a lot of good information and food for thought in this summary report. It’s well worth a read.”

The survey was carried out to help find ways to improve linkages between business and residential communities. It was supported by the WECC and completed by more than 700 people.

Full results: Westhill Business Network survey report final