There are still 2 weeks for you to make your Scarecrow to be part of the Scarecrow Trail in Gala Week.  The Scarecrows can be big or small, funny or serious.

 At the workshop on Saturday, we showed people how to stuff bin liners with scrunched up newspaper, then stuff the bin liners into clothes !   Put on a face, add some hair, use an old Onesie, old PJ’s, put some straw at the neck and feet and hands – Hey!  You have a Scarecrow!
So far, we only have 18 Scarecrows. We need loads more to place on the Scarecrow Trail.  So, come on folks, let’s get busy and have at least 30 on the Trail.
We have items left over from the workshop.  If you need further information, please call:
Ann, 01224745646   or   Rosemary, 01224740644.